Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Very First Blog Post

Hmmm...what to say....

I feel like someone has just handed me the microphone and put me on the spot.

I never intended to have a blog, as there are so many wonderful ones already out there. However, there is something very liberating about being given a space in which to express myself in any way I choose.

I have no idea how regularly I will be posting here, but meanwhile I will attempt to make it interesting for anyone who happens to stumble across my little blog here.

My challenge will be maintaining my anonymity...by avoiding posting too many personal details. The temptation is to use this space as a platform to promulgate my ideas about sexual liberation and sex workers' rights, as well as some experiences I have along the way. In my real life, I am also a sex workers' rights activist, so often my two worlds collide.

We shall see what happens...

Meanwhile, go forth and be love.